5 Things Our Sisters Learn At Summer Convention

With just a few weeks left before our annual summer convention, excitement is at an all time high. We’re gearing up for a weekend of sisterhood, connection, and leadership, and it’s just another opportunity to strengthen the bonds between all three of our chapters.

Our conventions are open to both undergraduate and alumni members, with educational programming that is geared towards empowering both. It gives us a chance to refocus on personal development. Here are five things we can’t wait to learn (or reinforce!) at summer convention:

Event Planning

Before the sorority, I never saw myself as a person capable of taking charge. Now, I’ve participated in an environment that allows me to consistently bring my event ideas to life, including an open mic night to raise money for multiple sclerosis research and a spelling bee for juvenile diabetes.

Although we empower our members to be successful event planners throughout the year, convention is a great place to get focused. We can’t wait to tease out new ideas and encourage our sisters to get started. Event planning workshops are always helpful to our sisters, whether they’ve thrown a ton of events before or they’re just getting started. It also lets us connect with older alumnae, who can guide us to be better leaders period.

Public Speaking

In a culture that frequently silences female voices, speaking publicly and professionally becomes a revolutionary act. It is therefore important for us to foster an environment where our sisters are emboldened to speak up. Convention will give sisters multiple chances to get comfortable speaking in front of crowds, as well as provide them with tools to kill nerves and communicate effectively.

Conflict Resolution

In life, and in sisterhood, conflicts happen. Our annual summer convention committee has workshops planned that will guide sisters through successful conflict resolution skills. Addressing our issues justly and openly has always been a staple of our sisterhood.


Our sisters are always networking with others, both individually and on behalf of the sorority. Planning social events that involve other organizations requires us to step into leadership roles frequently, whether that’s a social chair or a member of a committee. At convention, we focus on some do’s-and-don’ts for working with other organizations. Our members have a safe space to brainstorm and plan future social endeavors as well, which we can’t wait to see them execute throughout the academic year.

Time Management

No matter how old you are, we’ve all struggled to manage our time effectively. This is a skill we focus on during the new member intake process and then continue to reinforce throughout  membership. At convention, discussing strategies as a collective means that we’re all taking home new methods for time management. It’s time to stop procrastinating, ladies!

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