What makes Theta Phi Gamma Sorority Inc. unique?

Our founding mothers strived to build a sorority with a focus on diversity. Today, we are the most diverse sorority in the CUNY system. These women wanted to become leaders in school, workplace and society, and to empower future generations of women to do the same. Each founding mother contributed something unique to the newly founded sorority, one which is now growing with the intentions of becoming a part of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. You can learn more about what makes Theta Phi Gamma unique here.


What is "rush"?

“Rush" is another word used for recruitment. Terms such as “fall rush" or “spring rush" refer to recruitment that happens at the beginning of the fall or spring semester.

How can I join?

To join our sorority, you must participate in a month-long formal recruitment process known as rush. This gives you the opportunity to meet members of different chapters and learn more about our core ideals. Rush typically occurs at the start of the Fall and Spring semesters, although some chapters also recruit during the summer.

To be considered, you must be a fully matriculated undergraduate student, as defined by the college or university you attend. You must also meet our GPA minimum of 2.5. Following Rush, the sorority extends invitations to join the sorority known as 'bids' to candidates who mesh with our organization.

Does everyone get a bid?

We consider how each potential new member meshes with the sorority, its ideals, and its members. Not every potential new member will find their match but every effort is made to ensure that interested young women can participate fully in the rush process. If you do not receive a bid, you can always return back for recruitment next semester!


What should I do to make sure I get a bid?

Be yourself! We are looking for young women who are determined, independent, and fun and can bring their own individual uniqueness to our sorority. We also consider academic standing; members are required to be fully matriculated undergraduate students, as defined by the college or university they attend, with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

What is the new member intake process like?

As with any organization, our intake process is a secret. It will immerse potential sisters in our sorority’s history and provide them with opportunities for leadership, philanthropy, and self-discovery. Theta Phi Gamma prides itself on being a non-hazing organization. We also pledge a commitment to assisting potential new members in achieving their academic and personal goals.

Do you haze?

We are a non-hazing sorority. We refuse to degrade, harass or risk emotional and/or physical harm to potential new members.

How hard is to balance sorority life and academics?

Everyone is different when it comes to time management. Sisters of Theta Phi Gamma often balance sorority responsibilities, jobs and/or internships, academics, and involvement with other campus organizations. Our intake process, and membership overall, are specifically geared towards assisting members in achieving their academic and personal goals.

What if you need help with school work?

Theta Phi Gamma Sorority Inc. takes pride in our academics – without it, we would not be here! We have a required GPA to join, and sisters are required to maintain that minimum throughout their active sisterhood.

In each chapter, an undergraduate Academic Chairperson is responsible for motivating sisters to achieve success in their studies. She plans study sessions and holds sisters in the chapter accountable.

Our Regional Director of Academic Excellence contributes assistance to all chapters via educational resources/programming and assistance with procuring internships. The most beneficial resource in the sorority remains its members, old and new, who consistently guide each other academically.

Does it cost money to be in the sorority?

Like many other membership organizations, being in a sorority does require payment of dues. Dues cover sorority apparel, insurance costs, events/programming, and materials for chapter endeavors. We work with our members to provide them with personalized payment options.