How Theta Phi Gamma Gave Me The Confidence To Be Myself

Written by Kathy “Sugar” Chiam

I grew up being bullied because of my weight and how I looked overall. When others walked by, I would look down. I would avoid looking in the mirror. I never thought I would like myself. But I also never thought I would join a sorority.

“What is Greek life?” my high school self would ask.

My answer was always: a bunch of pretty girls I could never fit in with.

My life changed in my second year of college when I met the group of girls I now call my sisters. Joining Theta Phi Gamma has been one of the best decisions I ever made. I could immediately see how unique everyone was and I knew from the first recruitment event that I wanted to be a part of them.

I got my bid and went through the process — and it was hard. Let me tell you, I was broken down and built back up stronger than ever. I found myself. With the support of my sisters, I went from majoring in biomedical engineering to finally telling myself I love teaching, that it is okay to switch majors. I am now double majoring in creative writing and childhood education.  I found a confidence I never knew existed in me.

These girls make me feel beautiful everyday. They push me past my limits and I know that even if I fall, they always have my back. I walk around with my head held high, loving myself. I am motivated to always be a better version of me. And now, not only do I have an amazing support system, I have a group of girls I am able to call family.

“I wear my letters in the front because I know my sisters always have my back!”

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