Sisterhood is more than just undergraduate meetings and events. Thetas of all ages participate in rituals and events unique to our sisterhood, which seek to further our sisterhood and encourage leadership.

Annual Awards Ceremony

We recognize the hard work of our members annually at an awards ceremony that gathers members of every chapter in the region. Here, we celebrate individual sisters' commitment to philanthropy, fellowship, and the organization.

Annual Formal

Occurring close to the anniversary of the day we were founded, our yearly formal dinner is an occasion for members of all chapters and invited guests to celebrate the establishment of our sisterhood.

Annual Winter Retreat

During the winter break, members from all chapters participate in a weekend retreat to strengthen our bonds of sisterhood. From snow tubing to indoor water parks, this weekend is stacked with activities.

Annual Summer Convention

Educational programming, leadership workshops, and sister bonding activities geared towards older sisters and new sisters alike.

Annual Mother's Day

We express our gratitude to the women that raised us at our annual mother’s day brunch. Honestly, I think our mama’s look forward to this tradition more than we do!

Stroll Team

Strolling, or party walking, is a tradition created by the Divine 9 sororities and fraternities. It’s rooted in African American culture and is now shared by multicultural organizations of all kinds.

Our stroll team represents the sorority at social and recruitment events, including showcases and campus “Meet the Greeks".

Alumnae Book Club

Our alumnae members meet monthly to catch up and discuss the finer points of different books, read as a collective.

Annual Alumnae Brunch

Open to older and newer alumnae alike, this brunch event is a great opportunity to connect and reconnect with graduated sisters of all ages.