Theta Phi Gamma is a sorority unlike any other. For more than 20 years, we have been providing young women with the tools to navigate collegiate life.

Founded On Diversity

In the late 1900's, society was changing. The success of the civil rights movement, plus a wave of immigration, meant that higher education was growing more diverse. Secret societies for women had existed since the 1700's but they were predominantly comprised of white women from higher-income families. Culturally-based sororities began popping up in the 1980's and 1990's, but there was still a need for sororities that would induct students from diverse backgrounds, as well as those with multicultural identities.

In November 1999, Theta Phi Gamma Sorority was born. We were founded on a commitment to diversity and continue to be the most diverse organization in the CUNY system. We exist, not only in acceptance of, but in celebration of the cultural differences that make us individually unique.

Prioritizes Service, Scholarship, and Fellowship

While some organizations are specifically social or philanthropic, we are combination of both. We organize/attend mixers, parties, and other social events throughout the year. We also host educational workshops and charity fundraisers, and attend charity walks. None of this, however, comes at the detriment of our combined academic excellence. Members are expected to maintain certain academic requirements to remain active in the organization.

What Traditional Events Do Members Enjoy?

Traditional sister events are the foundation upon which strong bonds are built.

Unique Opportunities For Leadership

Theta Phi Gamma is constantly growing. Our Alpha and Beta chapters are actively working to extend our sisterhood beyond the schools at which they were originally founded. They currently accept members from those home schools as well as other schools in close proximity.

As a result of the expansion process, chapters throughout the region are incredibly connected. We have created a huge network of collegiate women, at schools throughout the five boroughs, and we are committed to maintaining that strong bond of sisterhood.

Our efforts to expand also provide members with unique opportunities for leadership, at an undergraduate and alumnae level. Even sisters who never saw themselves as leaders were guided towards executive and committee positions.

A Sense Of Community In Busy NYC

Sorority life in New York City is unique compared to more rural/suburban areas. Students typically commute to school and therefore lack the sense of community that dorming provides.  Prior to joining, many of our sisters described a college experience that involved going to class and then going straight home. Even those who do live on-campus get the commuter school vibe.

Joining Theta Phi Gamma gave many of us that on-campus collegiate experience, even those who didn't live on-campus. It was a grounding aspect of the commuter school experience.